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Mar. 24th, 2005 @ 03:48 pm HOLY CROSS CLASS OF '09!
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HI everyone! My name is Claire and I have been accepted early decision to the Holy Cross Class of 2009 (actually back in early december). I am really excited about going there... I live in Massachusetts about an hour away from Holy Cross. It would be realy great to get to know some people who i'll be going to school with next year. So just let me know who you are! BYE!
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Mar. 5th, 2005 @ 03:25 pm (no subject)
I've applied for admissions and am just waiting to hear back. I was wondering if anyone knows when the admissions decisions will be mailed out. Also I was wondering how people felt about the financial aid packages that they received. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Jan. 30th, 2005 @ 10:14 pm (no subject)
I'm aware that this community is, for the most part, dormant, but I thought maybe it might start up again soon. I'm Marjorie; I applied to HC early decision and got my acceptance letter a few weeks ago. I'm not really ready for college but am fairly excited to at least *know* where I'm going, where I'll be, and so on. I'm from New Jersey and-- school-wise-- am mainly interested in literature (I want to be a writer) and theology (I want to be a saint.) I'm looking forward to meeting other (current or future) Holy Cross students here, and if not, then that's okay too. :)

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Aug. 20th, 2004 @ 12:33 pm there's another one too
check out http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=holycross&mode=full.

It's empty as well...but maybe one day someone will post :)
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Jul. 5th, 2004 @ 03:09 am Welcome
I want to welcome everyone to holy_cross.

I set this community up to benefit not only those who attend Holy Cross, but those who wish to attend Holy Cross in the future.

Please feel free to post any questions, news, or comments on the group.

Have any questions? Feel free to drop me a line.

holy_cross Moderator
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